Best small appliances for the kitchen – 5 things that you absolutely need.

Is there actually things that you absolutely need to have in your kitchen, let alone electrical equipment. If you don’t have a huge kitchen or money to buy all fancy stuff you will ask if its not enough with some manual equipment instead of electrical. I will then say yes it is, but its much more easy with some electrical equipment. It’s not essential, but it makes the life much more easy. I will here list five things that is quite affordable and do take too much space. You can even store them somewhere when you not using them.

I am for example storing mine in a kitchen cabinet when I don’t use them. I have so small kitchen that I don’t have room for any extra equipment on the benches. You only have to get used to take out and put things back again when you don’t use them.

A food processor

This is a tool that can do many things, chop, blend, cut. A large one is really handy, but there is smaller size models also that is cheaper and does take so much place. Me myself only have a small one, and it works perfectly fine. You only haw to break up your food making into smaller portions instead. The only thing is that you end up working it pretty hard, and that will take its tall on the machinery.

A blender

A blender is very good to have in the kitchen for many reasons, but there is two different types. The coutertop blender and the immersion blender. An immersion blender is probably more your thing if you don’t have so much place in your kitchen, and the countertopp blender is more for kitchens with more space. If you buy a immersion blender you should preferably buy one that you can attach different alliances to.

An electric mixer

An electric mixer is good to have if you bake a lot. There is two models of electric mixers. Hand mixer and stand mixer. If you bake allot it is a good idea to have a stand mixer. It will make your life easier. You don have to manhandle the dough to get it done.

If you are not so much in to baking you will be fine with a hand mixer for occational use, to mix something in the kitchen.

A pressure cooker

Do you really need it!!?? Yes you need it. It will make the life easier for you. You putt the things you want to cook in it. There is a bunch of settings that you can use, to the best out of your food making.

An electric kettle

An electric kettle is one of those things that you don’t realize you need before you have one. You will realize you use it all the time. You can preheat the water before you putt it in a pot for cooking for example. If you want a cup of tea or instant coffee its much faster to cook the water in an electric kettle than heat it up in a pot on the sow.

So there it is. The five things that you need in your kitchen.