cheap kitchen appliances – why you shouldn’t buy them

This article is going to be about why you shouldn’t buy cheap kitchen appliances. I don’t recommend buying any kind of kitchen appliances that are cheap. It’s only going to end in tears and broken machinery. It’s not very economical at all to buy something cheap and you will regret your buy after a few days when it breaks down. Mostly cheap kitchen appliances are badly made and can be dangerous to use.

Cheap kitchen appliances often gets more expensive

Often when you buy something cheap it works good for a wile and then it breaks down. When it breaks down its time to buy a new one, and this will continue until you buy the proper machine instead. Just buy something a little more expensive with a well-known brand and you will be much better of, and its much more economical in the long run. Buying cheap stuff is almost never an economic solution, so don’t do it. They have problems with bad wiring, electronics that breaks down after a few days, frying pans that gets bad after first use, fridge compressor brake downs etc.

Cheap kitchen appliances isn’t always bad

There is of course better cheap stuff also. You always have to evaluate pros and cons with cheap w expensive. Expensive can also brake down, but then you probably have a proper warranty you can lean back on. You can be in luck and buy something cheap that actually keeps working forever. It’s not easy to know, but then you should read reviews and follow up on what you are looking fore. There is often reviews on the internet that you can look up and read trough, but then you have to take in consideration if they are reliable or not. On this page I will make reviews on kitchen appliances that I think is relevant. Relevant reviews on both cheap and expensive kitchen appliances will son arrive on this page.

My experience whit cheap kitchen appliances

My experience with cheap kitchen appliances and other stuff is horrible. Why should you buy something cheap and change it a million times when you can buy something proper and have it work for a long time. I just made food on a frying pan that totally unless. It always burns in the middle and it was bent already after the first use. It was of cause a cheap pan from a low budget chop. I am not a very good friend with that pan, but you get what you pay for.

Go for the more expensive kitchen appliances

It is always best to go for the things that costs a little more. You will not cut your self, burn anything or get electricity in you. It also saves your nerves from boiling over. The expensive kitchen appliances almost always have more safety features also so you can be safe in the kitchen.A more expensive frying pan for example had saved me more money than going and buying a new one every month.


Always go for the kitchen appliances that is a little bit more expensive. It feels bad in the wallet when you buy it but you are much better of in the long run.